About the Hong Kong Cleanup

About the Hong Kong Cleanup

Registration for the 14th annual Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge 2014, from the third weekend of September to November 1st, has officially opened!

We are dealing with a serious trash issue in Hong Kong, and the world. Did you know, for example, that in Hong Kong, every day, we throw away over 16,000 tonnes of trash – including an estimated 1,368,000 disposable plastic bottles, 1,000 tonnes of plastic bags and countless more tonnes of plastic wrapping and packaging. Our landfills are full, and we consume and throw away more than our city’s infrastructure and surrounding ecosystems can handle, jeopardizing wildlife, economies, and our own health and safety. It’s time we took responsibility for our actions.

In 2013, the Hong Kong Cleanup engaged 45,680 volunteers, collecting 1,282,507kg of trash over 1,833km of shorelines, country park trails and city streets!

You can make a difference, through action and awareness – why not consider signing up for the Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge?

There are three Challenges to choose from, and you can do as many as you like with your company, organization, or family:
1. City Cleanup Challenge: 
 You don’t have to go anywhere special to be part of the Challenge – just sign up and download the kit. Cleaning up in our offices homes and schools will provide an eye opening experience for many. See how much you can “slim your bin” with easy-to-follow tips and tools!
2. Country Cleanup Challenge: Detrimental amounts of litter and trash can be found in all of our country parks. Hiking trail and country park cleanups educate about littering and its effect on the natural world we all need and enjoy.
3. Coastal Cleanup Challenge: Beach cleanups bring awareness to the vast and vital issue of marine debris, especially disposable plastic, and are a fun, fulfilling day out for any size of group. Register soon – beaches are filling up!

The Hong Kong Cleanup is very grateful to its 2014 sponsors and partners, including co-organizer The Nature Conservancy long-time Presenting Partner Nomura, Associate Partners Oriental Press Group and Ecozine.com, and Community partner Hopewell Holdings. This event would not be possible without their support, and the support of all the Partners who contribute in many ways. Please show them your appreciation by supporting them too!

Signing up a team is simple, and kicks off in June every year. Here’s how it works:
1. Register your team cleanup online at HKcleanup.org – you choose when, where and what type of cleanup you’ll do
2. Attend a FREE education seminar where you’ll get the info and tools you need for a successful cleanup
3. Clean up!
4. Return your data at HKcleanup.org
All teams are automatically entered in the Cleanup Challenge for prizes and more!
Want to know more? We want to hear from you. Write us at: info@HKcleanup.org